A Writer’s Life Is Never Dull!

I’m writing a new four part ebook serial at the moment. I’m twenty five percent through and have sent off part one to my editor. This gives me a couple of days free from writing to sort out all the pesky admin jobs that I usually leave to one side. It also gives me chance to plan out the next book in more detail and do little bits of research in readiness for starting to write again next week.
Book research is great fun! So far in the last few weeks I’ve spoken to a GP over a cup of coffee about heart attacks, spent the day at a visitor attraction in the Lake District and tasted homemade ice cream at Bluebells Dairy.
And today I’ve visited my friend Julie who lives in the village in her family’s former farmhouse, Pingle Farm, to see her chickens and more importantly, pick one up and collect some eggs.
The main character in my new book has to look after her aunt’s hens and while I don’t need to be a poultry expert to write this part of the story, I do want to be able to throw in the odd detail here and there and as I’d never touched a chicken before, off I trotted!

Julie chased her favourite hen, Mrs Fluffybum (honestly!) around the yard about to catch her.

Here I am, holding the wings so she couldn’t flap, with Mrs Fluffybum! She looked huge, but underneath all those feathers, her body was tiny! She is a Meadow Sweet or Bluebell Chicken and even has big feathery feet!

We went into the chicken coop to collect the eggs, most of them lay inside the coop, but two of them prefer to climb into this huge bag of straw and lay eggs inside! We collected four eggs and Julie gave them to me to take home. I’m tempted to make a cake to celebrate my first chicken cuddle!

Cathy Bramley
By Cathy Bramley

Cathy is the author of the best-selling romantic comedies Ivy Lane, Appleby farm, Conditional Love, Wickham Hall and The Plumberry School of Comfort Food. She lives in a Nottinghamshire village with her family and Pearl, the Cockerpoo. Her recent career as a full-time writer of light-hearted romantic fiction has come as somewhat of a lovely surprise after spending eighteen years running her own marketing agency. However, she has always been an avid reader, hiding her book under the duvet and reading by torchlight. Luckily her husband has now bought her a Kindle with a light, so that’s the end of all that palaver.

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