Ten Tips to Publicise your book

Back in March 2013, I was lucky enough to go to the self-publishing conference run by Matador Publishing. I say ‘lucky’ because I woke up that morning to thick snow and it was touch and go as to whether I would make it off the drive, let alone as far as Leicester!

Ben Camerongave an insightful lecture on how to promote your self-published book. As I am now devising on my own marketing plan for Conditional Love, I’ve started to work through the notes I made during the lecture.

Here, I have summarised his advice in the form of a top ten list of tips:

1. Plan ahead for magazines

If you are hoping to get publicity in a monthly magazine, you need to factor in the lead times that they work to. Think at least four months ahead!

2. Make the most of your listing on Goodreads and Amazon

Add as much information as you can. Always include a cover image and author photo.

3. Create a website

We all use Google to find out about people and products these days. Keep it up to date and make it easy for people to find and contact you.

4. Radio Interviews

Before going on air, practise a 10 second elevator pitch to sum up what your book is about. Plan what your key messages are so that you remember to get them out when you’re under pressure!

5. Book signings

Get a friend to come with you to stand at the door and hand flyers out and direct people to where you are.

6. Give copies away

Leave a copy in the coffee shop or in a train station, you never know who’ll pick it up and pass it on.

7. Nobody wants to interview a book

Your book is not important to editors, YOU are. Think about what you can offer them in the way of information about yourself or the themes within your book that will interest their readers.

8. Social Media

If you have a blog, facebook page or twitter feed, don’t forget to include a link to where people can buy your book

9. Be prepared

If an editor shows an interest in featuring you, you will need to respond quickly. Have a hi res photo, a document containing your blurb and a jpg of your cover ready to go straight away. If you take too long you will miss your opportunity.

10. Size doesn’t matter

When it comes to doing interviews, talk to everyone from the Parish magazine up! You never know what an opportunity – big or small – could bring!


By Cathy Bramley

Cathy is the author of the best-selling romantic comedies Ivy Lane, Appleby farm, The Lemon Tree Cafe and A Vintage Summer. She lives in a Nottinghamshire village with her family and Pearl, the Cockerpoo. Her recent career as a full-time writer of light-hearted romantic fiction has come as somewhat of a lovely surprise after spending eighteen years running her own marketing agency. However, she has always been an avid reader, hiding her book under the duvet and reading by torchlight. Now she thinks she may have found her dream job.

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